Review #2: I Live In The Slums

The best books I own release deep emotional memories when I handle them, or see them on my shelves. Whether a pang of longing, or a pleased satisfaction of a compelling plot, they tap into something deep-seated in my emotional being. Whenever I catch a glimpse of the first Can Xue book I read –Continue reading “Review #2: I Live In The Slums”

Review #1: Braised Pork

An Yu’s debut work leaped off the shelf to me – a beguiling cover design (it’s no surprise that Harvill Secker have put its best creative support behind this considering the 7-way auction) and a fabulously intriguing title. This was one of those books I wanted to read as little as possible about beforehand. BraisedContinue reading “Review #1: Braised Pork”

From the Archive #1: Portraits From a Chinese Scroll

My main intention in starting this blog all of, oh, a few days ago was to read and focus on more new fiction and other books about China. It’s a strange time to start – I’m cooped up at home thanks to That Virus, but unlike most people (on Twitter at least) with a toddlerContinue reading “From the Archive #1: Portraits From a Chinese Scroll”