Review #3: Must I Go

Does this book belong in a blog for books ‘about China’? Yiyun Li was born in Beijing but has lived in the US since 1996, now teaching at Princeton. Unlike her earlier novels, China features only in the background of Must I Go: a handful of diary entries take place in Shanghai in 1931; aContinue reading “Review #3: Must I Go”

Review #1: Braised Pork

An Yu’s debut work leaped off the shelf to me – a beguiling cover design (it’s no surprise that Harvill Secker have put its best creative support behind this considering the 7-way auction) and a fabulously intriguing title. This was one of those books I wanted to read as little as possible about beforehand. BraisedContinue reading “Review #1: Braised Pork”

Charlie Reads.

Ah, another book blog… I’ve started a new blog. All the usual doubts which, up to now, have stopped me every time I’ve wanted to do this before. What will I write about? Why put myself out there like that? I’ll just do a few posts and forget about it, right? And who on earthContinue reading “Charlie Reads.”

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